Give Your Attendees Marketing Wisdom They Can Use Immediately

Learn about the StoryBrand 7-part messaging framework that creates instant clarity.

Highly Actionable Tips

Proven Quality Content

Demonstrates a Clear Path to Profit

Does Your Event Need A Fresh Perspective?

Are you worried that attendees aren’t getting the value they deserve at your events?

Do you feel that your attendees can’t utilize the information immediately following a learning event?

Are you fearful that a “dud” presentation will prevent your new attendees from returning?

Does Your Event Need A Fresh Perspective?

Your attendees deserve to learn how they can stop wasting money on marketing and start increasing profits with several actionable tips and one revolutionary paradigm shift.

 We believe that everyone deserves to learn about a messaging framework to create clear, actionable messages.

Here’s what your attendees will learn:

Why story is a powerful marketing framework



How our brains are wired to want to be part of a story



What to do immediately to save tons of money on marketing

How to motivate your customers into action

How to Inspire your team and have a clear vision

The one thing they can adjust on their website today to see increased conversions right away

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Why story is a powerful marketing framework



Why story is a powerful marketing framework



Why story is a powerful marketing framework



What Our Clients Say

“Before StoryBrand, one of our biggest challenges was getting through in our ‘noise filled’ world. Now, and grabs our donors attention by educating and inspiring them into action. I would recommend Mandy to execute the StoryBrand framework -she will help clear the clutter and distractions from your message. Karen Fine President of Board of Directors Ohef Sholom Temple

What Our Clients Say

“I was frustrated trying to differentiate my company from hundreds of competitors until I started working with Mandy and The Image Marketing Group. The most rewarding part of our ongoing relationship is the scalability of her ideas. She helped me develop a clear vision that positively altered the trajectory of my business.” Kevin Kordek Former President A-Active Termite & Pest Control Company

About Mandy

Mandy is a StoryBrand Certified Guide. She has mastered the 7-part messaging framework that has helped Fortune 500 companies to solo preneurs clarify their message and motivate their customers into action. For the past 20 years, she’s assisted businesses with marketing strategy and execution and has a passion for helping businesses grow profits.  

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